Patient Testimonials


My interactions and care at East Louisville Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, PLC and Dental Implants have always been professional with sincere care and personal courtesy. Any pain associated with my procedures was minimized and the entire staff was genuinely concerned with my experience. From making appointments to surgery preparation to the actual surgery to follow up appointments, the office runs smooth and decreases the anxiety of the experience. Having two offices conveniently located has given me options in scheduling my appointments. My insurance claim was completely handled in house, saving me time and generating the greatest benefits possible. If I have a problem that requires specialized dental work, the only place I would trust with care would be Dr. Livesay, Dr. Carey or Dr. Naselsker and his wonderful staff.

– October 2011

In late 2010 I had the unhappy experience of hopelessly fracturing two premolar teeth. As a dental hygienist I not only was upset personally but professionally as to what would my patients think about taking health care advice from a hygienist with missing teeth?!

I know Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker professionally, both as a trusted referral for my patients but also because he took excellent care of my own mother a few years ago when she had to have an extraction. My mother was treated with kindness and respect to an experience that would have been much more difficult for her was made into one where she felt valued and cared for.

For me, implants were my only consideration and from the initial extraction to the final implant crown seating, all appointments were handled with promptness, kindness, professionalism and respect for me as a patient and fellow professional.

I am thrilled with my new implants as they have made me feel like my “old self” again and I am eternally grateful.

– October 2011

Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker, this is a short note of thanks and appreciation for the care you rendered recently. The common help opinion about extraction of wisdom teeth is that it is painful and traumatic. In my case that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Given that my wisdom tooth was broken off at gum line, I anticipated the worst. But with your explanation of the procedure and the care you took in performing that procedure, I was comfortable and my concern was alleviated.

After completion, you said there was no need to inconvenience me with a follow-up visit because everything “looked good.” You were right since there was absolutely no “post-op” pain, ad the oozing of blood stopped within an hour of the procedure.

I will recommend your practice to anyone who needs assurance of the special oral surgical care you provide.

 – Sept 2011

When I walked in the front door I was greeted most warmly by the girls at the desk. I appreciate being addressed by my first name, which Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker and his assistant both made me feel very comfortable. Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker and his assistant were great! I did not feel any discomfort during my extraction. It went super! No discomforts at all at any time during my week of recovery. Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker said I had healed beautifully. I was not an average patient, having this done, as I have pemphigoid, but Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker did a terrific job. I tell others about my experience most PROUDLY. I highly recommend Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker and his team to my friends and family.

– Aug 2011

Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker gave me back my smile and he does work that will last a lifetime, not just a few years. I lost a front tooth due to a childhood accident. For anyone, but especially a woman, this can be devastating. I didn’t realize how important my smile was to my entire personality until I didn’t have it anymore. I had quite a bit of bone loss in my jaw where my front tooth had been, which made it more difficult for a transplant. It took a great deal of time and a great deal of skill on Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker‘s part, but eventually I was able to grow new bone with the help of BMP (Bone Morphogenetic Protein). Now I have a new tooth implanted in my own bone that feels stronger and looks just as natural as the one I lost. The quality of his work is unsurpassed. Thanks Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker, finally I have my smile back because of you.

– Aug 2011

I am pleased to have had five dental implants with your group, Ken. The concept of being able to virtually restore your teeth to a condition that rivals one’s originals is one of the great breakthroughs in the world of dental science. When I grew up you followed the sequence of filling a cavity to a crown and then a root canal under the crown and finally extraction, a bridge, and ultimately a set of dentures. Now we are given new life by being able to totally restore the tooth to what I consider better than original, since implants can’t decay. Your staff made my experience very pleasant. I look forward to a long relationship with them. I have 23 to go!

– Jun 21

Pleasantly surprised by office and staff. Absolutely no pain and Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker demonstrated the highest level of professionalism.

– Aug 11

Incredibly skilled professional who excels in patient care.

– Aug 03

I think Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker is an awesome doc and has done great with my family’s needs. Addressed all concerns in a timely manner and is very thorough. I would give him a higher rating scale if it were possible-he truly is committed to the well being of his patients which we are the lucky ones to have been chosen to receive his services. Thanks you so very much, best regards.

– Jul 29

I was given the information I needed to understand exactly what my condition was in order for me to make a wise choice. The treatment went better than I expected and I have complete trust in Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker and his staff. I have already recommended him to others. It is comforting for me to know that if I ever have another dental problem I can go back to see him again.

– Jul 22

I would highly recommend this practice. The services were timely, efficient, friendly and informative. There is no reason to look anywhere else for an oral surgeon. You will be well taken care of by Drs. Livesay, Carey or Naselsker and his staff.

– Jul 14

Explained the dental implant process and answered all questions thoroughly.

– Jul 07

 I was very impressed with the office and the office staff. Everyone was very accommodating and friendly. The doctor was wonderful and friendly. I was very nervous about having 4 wisdom teeth removed, but the staff made sure I was comfortable.

– Jul 04